Tint Tech

Tint Tech is a specialized window lamination company. We have a wide range of window film and other products that are sourced from multiple manufacturers worldwide.

From inception, we constantly strive to ensure that we always have our hands on the best products.


Because we communicate with the world’s best manufacturers we are always at the front of the technology spectrum and will always have the best products to offer for almost every application and demand.

Tint Tech ensures that all the requirements of quality and quantity are met. At Tint Tech we comply with international quality standards such as ISO 9001 and UKAS quality management control.


These quality control standards have been set by SGS.
The management at Tint Tech has over 16 years of experience in the motor trade.


We have managed to gain a large market share due to our ability to market ourselves with our large sales contingent as well as the fact that we believe that our customers are our number one

Our Work

At Tint Tech we cater to the following market requirements;
Smash and Grab safety film for the auto trade and;
various heat & sun resistant films for the architectural industry.

Our products are branded as follows:

Quality Control

Tint Tech is manufactured according to ISO 9001 and UKAS quality control management. These quality control systems were started by a company called SGS in the United Kingdom.


All countries worldwide that are reputable subscribe to SGS in order to achieve ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.


If a company does not subscribe to SGS they have very little credibility in the market in which they manufacture goods. Their goods are very often seen as below standard.


Not only does SGS give the manufacturer annual inspections and quality control systems, but they also give minimum standards for product production, i.e.; If you see the ISO 9001-2000 symbol it indicates that one can expect the very best from those products